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HANGZHOU NEWLYR TRADE CO.,LTD which established in 2006. Padding Jacket&Vest , Quilted Jacket &Vest, Dress, Knit top are our sepcialized items. When company set up till now, there are three turning points in our history. Firstly, Develop our own manage our won. Secondly, Major business domestic trade change into foreign trade. Thirdly, Produce by our own factory , meanwhile export by ourselves. Maximum save the cost.

HANGZHOU NIUCAI GARMENTS CO., LTD is our own factory , we have set up consummated system with company and factory , focus on apparel exporting, With competitive market, through a large-scale technique improvement, get a steady development in the quantity. 

During these years striving period, the company has accumulated a high-technology experience in making different garments, trained a large number of the managerial, measuring and producing talents. Major markets are North America and Europe.